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    The dude douche anal cleanser


    Hygiene is EVERYTHING!

    "The dude douche anal cleanser" does not do only what it says, it is so much more. Couple intimacy need not start on the bed, even the preparation to it can become a great experience for both sides. Soap, bubbles, shower and douche. Cleaning has never been this much fun before the dude douche.
    Start to discover more of each other with this very unique cleanser.

    Product Features:

    • Water probe douche anal cleaning system
    • Shower attachment for internal pleasure
    • 5.4 inch Hospital grade silicone probe
    • Suitable for both male & female anal cleansing
    • Attaches to 99% of shower heads, rubber washers included
    • With a hose length of 1.5 M it makes it very easy to reach your pleasure spots


    Shipping information
    Ships to Australia Only