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    Darling devil vibrator



    The el Diablo himself

    DARLING DEVIL vibrator is Part of Fun Factory Battery + line, which features the strongest battery-operated motor out there, with a deep bass tone vibration that’s sure to satisfy. Designed for maximum freedom, the DARLING DEVIL sex toy uses smart charging technology to distinguish between standard or rechargeable batteries, while running equally well on both. You can even charge the rechargeable batteries inside the sex toy with the addition of the HYBRID KIT, for all of the convenience of a battery toy plus the eco-friendly benefits of a rechargeable vibe.


    DARLING DEVIL gives you the kind of vibration you crave: deep, rumbling, and of course, strong! BATTERY+ toys feature the most powerful battery-operated motors on the market. Unlike most battery toys, it maintains the same level of vibration strength throughout its entire charge, for powerful FUN until the end!


    Pinpoint your most sensitive spots with targeted vibration from its silicone horns, or run its textured shaft along your skin. DARLING DEVIL is the perfect vibe for teasing!

    Product Features:

    • A BATTERY+ vibe - the most powerful battery sex toy out there
    • Steady power throughout the battery life
    • 4 Speeds & 6 Patterns
    • Flexible power: Upgrade with our HYBRID KIT to charge rechargeable batteries inside the toy
    • Body-safe materials — love yourself
    • Waterproof — get wet
    • Smart charging technology distinguishes between regular and rechargeable batteries
    • Deep, rumbling vibration
    • Use as soon as you get home!
    • About 1-hour continuous play on the highest setting
    • Lock function for easy travel
    • Quiet & discreet sex toy
    • Intuitive button control
    • LED charge indicator light
    • Easy on/off with the FUN button
    • Made in Germany
    • 2-year warranty
    Shipping information
    Ships to Australia only

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