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    8ight love ring for men


    Love rings are creative accessories for men.

    Our '8ight love ring for men' turns a man's best asset into the crown jewels and make his erection something to shout about. The technique is amazingly simple, the effect even more impressive. Pull the Love ring 8IGHT apart and pull it down the penis to the base. The resulting build-up effect leads to a pleasantly hard erection.

    Love rings fit every penis size and are comfortable to wear. The cherry on top of the multi-functional Love ring 8IGHT is a love bud that can be applied to pleasure the clitoris or anus. This little accessory will soon become a favorite companion in between the sheets. It pleasures women on the clitoris or stimulates anally during hot intercourse with a partner.

    Two sizes in one love ring - it doesn't get more practical for a sex toy. Varied ways of lovemaking will lead to yet unknown soaring flights of eroticism. Choose the smaller or larger opening on the Lovering 8IGHT to pull over his penis. A second opening then provides a spot for the bud. The result is easy to see - an impressive erection, a satisfying climax and happy faces all around.

    And an additional tip: Fun Factory Toyfluid makes slipping it on more comfortable and promises even more fun.

    • The penis ring for couples fun
    • Allows a harder and longer erection by building up blood in the penis
    • Safe: the extremely flexible silicone ring can be easily removed at any time
    • Removable love bud for stimulation of the clitoris or perineum
    • Playful and functional design
    • Very flexible
    • Two different sized openings for varying build-up effects
    • Made in Germany
    • 100% medical-grade silicone: body-friendly and odorless
    • Upper opening / 20 mm, lower opening / 22 mm
    • 2 year warranty

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