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    Spice Up Your Bedroom with New Lingerie

    October 06, 2019 2 Comments

    Spice Up Your Bedroom with New Lingerie kinky Australia 2019 Aussie

    Spice Up Your Bedroom With New Lingerie - La Vie Sexuelle Style

    There are few things that can make you feel sexier than new lingerie. Something about putting on a risqué outfit or slipping into new panties can put you (and your partner) in the mood for some fun. Whether you prefer lace or straps, more coverage or more revealing, the new collection from La Vie Sexuelle has something for you in their new lingerie collection.

     Leave something to the imagination Lingerie LVS 2019 blog news

    Leave something to the imagination

    Lingerie does not have to be revealing to get the point across. If you are looking for something that leaves more to the imagination, there are several perfect pieces in La Vie Sexuelle’s new collection. Set the mood with a baby doll dress or slip that is just as fun to put on as it is to have taken off.



    Pink Backless Baby Doll Set

    This set is designed for those who love pink. The lace and straps at the top reveal just the right amount of cleavage to set the mood while the low-cut back turns up the heat. This dress and thong set manages to look simple but complex at the same time thanks to its sweet color and naughty detailing. Purchase the Pink Backless Baby Doll Set for $44.90.


    Black Embroidered Baby Doll Set

    As one of the leading lingerie sellers in Australia, La Vie Sexuelle excels when it comes to the turn-on. Slip into the lingerie version of a little black dress with this set and set your partner reeling. Between the lace embroidery details on the cups and the see-through fabric that hugs every curve, they won’t know where to look first, or where to touch. Purchase the Black Embroidered Baby Doll Set for $42.90.


    White Low-Back Slip Set

    If you are looking for wedding lingerie, this set is perfect. The soft white color would convey innocence if the dress wasn’t see-through. The bow details strike the perfect balance of sexy and cute for a slip and thong set you can feel comfortable and confident in. Wear it on your wedding night, or any night, to tempt your partner. Purchase the White Low-Back Slip Set for $42.00.


    White Embroidered Dress Set

    This set is another great choice for bridal lingerie. It may cover more, but it reveals plenty with see-through fabric that molds to your every curve. The white thong and dress are comfortable enough to wear, but your partner will love taking them off. The embroidered detail adds femininity and will have you feeling as beautiful as ever for a special sensual night with your lover. Purchase the White Embroidered Dress Set for $42.90.


    Black Embroidered Dress

    Make your partner’s jaw drop with this one-of-a-kind dress. The smooth black fabric hugs your body and the embroidered flower detailing teases what’s underneath. If you want a classy and elegant way to set the mood, just slip into your new favorite dress. It highlights all the right places that will have your lover begging for more. Purchase the Black Embroidered Dress for $46.50.

     less is more, Spice Up Your Bedroom with New Lingerie, LVS 2019 blog news

    Less is More

    For those times when you want to leave very little to the imagination, La Vie Sexuelle has plenty of pieces that show off your best assets. Make your intentions oh-so-clear by starting the night in one of these sexy lingerie pieces.


    Black Fishnet Garter and Stocking

    Nothing beats a classic, sexy silhouette. Bring back the days of film noir and burlesque dancers with this timeless combination. The embroidered garter and matching fishnet stockings are a guaranteed way to get your partner’s attention. Take them off or leave them on, it’s totally up to you. Purchase the Black Fishnet Garter and Stocking for $22.50.


    White Stockings

    Get their head spinning with simple white stockings. The clean and pure design creates a classic look that is far from innocent. Pair them with your favorite lingerie set or wear them alone. Whatever you prefer, these stockings bring a touch of elegance to any steamy night and make you feel ten times sexier. Purchase the White Stockings for $12.50.


    Floral Lace with Rhinestone Lingerie Set

    If you love all things glitz and glam, your lingerie should reflect your style. This set combines black and red threads for an enticingly sexy look. The rhinestones and embroidery detailing ensure you sparkle in your partner’s eyes and the lace leave them wanting more. The Floral Lace with Rhinestone Lingerie Set includes a bra, skirt, and thong for $39.90.


    Metallic Floral Embroidered Lingerie Set

    Get the perfect combination of edgy and feminine with this beautiful lingerie set. The blue and bronze metallics provide a unique look while the floral pattern adds softness and beauty. You can feel like a total Rockstar when you unveil this unique set. The Metallic Floral Embroidered Lingerie Set includes a bra and panty for $34.90.


    Rhinestone Lace Halter Set

    For those who want to dazzle, try the bra and thong halter set that is covered in sparkles. The classic black color and strappy design add class and sophistication to your next rendezvous. You will feel like a goddess anytime to don this incredible bra and panty set. Purchase the Rhinestone Lace Halter Set for $39.90.

     Spice Up Your Bedroom with New Lingerie Bride Garter Lingerie Set Australia Inner Link 2019 Blog News

    White Wedding Bride Garter Set

    Have the wedding night of your dreams with this sexy five-piece bridal lingerie set. The white bra, garter, thong, and stockings combine to create the perfect look of surprise and excitement on your partner’s face. Bring the whole look together with a cheeky headpiece to recreate your wedding night for years to come. Wear the set under your dress to feel sexy and confident on your big day and then blow your lover’s mind that night. Purchase the White Wedding Bride Garter Set for $59.95.

     Spice Up Your Bedroom with New Lingerie embrace your inner Kink LVS La Vie Sexuelle Australia 2019

    Embrace Your Inner Kink

    Whether you are new to bondage or not, you can turn up the heat with kinky lingerie. La Vie Sexuelle’s new collection has everything you need to fulfill your bondage or role play fantasies and bring the spice to your romance.


    S&M Bondage Set

    You’ll never look sexier in a pair of handcuffs than you will in this S&M set. The classic black panty and nipple covers keep you looking sexy no matter what. The wrist restraint, blinder, collar, and ankle restraint are made from PVC so they are durable while remaining comfortable for a night of fun. Purchase the S&M Bondage Set for $65.90.

     Kinky Police Lingerie Set La Vie Sexuelle Australia 2019 Blog New Article

    Kinky Police Lingerie Set

    You have the right to remain sexy in this lingerie set. Take control of the evening in your police uniform and make sure to enforce the rules. Chances are, as soon as you put this set on, your partner will have a long list of infractions to pay for. The Kinky Police Lingerie Set includes a headpiece, top, skirt, thong, and badge for $55.95.


    Silver and Black Male Bondage Set

    The ladies aren’t the only ones getting some love in La Vie Sexuelle’s new lingerie collection. This bondage set is designed for men and fuels the hottest nights of desire. Get as naughty and kinky as your hearts desire with the vinyl and metal cuff and bondage thong set. Purchase the Silver and Black Male Bondage Set for $52.50.

     Spice Up Your Bedroom with New Lingerie Burlesque Pasties Classic Bijoux Indiscrets La Vie Sexuelle LVS 2019 Blog News

    Burlesque Pasties Classic

    Bring out your inner burlesque with nipple pasties that feature tassels. You will seduce your partner in no time by pairing them with your favorite lingerie or wearing them solo. Set the tone for a night of passion and desire with these reusable pasties. Purchase the Burlesque Pasties Classic for $34.95.

     Spice Up Your Bedroom with New Lingerie Powerful Women La Vie Sexuelle Australia Blog News

    What are you waiting for?

    The new collection from Australian retailer La Vie Sexuelle has something for everyone. There are so many more pieces to choose from, that you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from buying more. Whether you are purchasing something for yourself or surprising your partner with a gift, you are sure to spice up your bedroom. From slip dresses to nothing but pasties, there is something that matches all styles and occasions.


    Brides will love the wedding lingerie sets that show your best features for the big night. For couples into kink, there are plenty of options to heighten your role-playing or add a new edge to your bondage fantasies. No matter which pieces you choose, you can feel as sexy as ever and get your partner going in a whole new way.

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