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    3 Toys for Amazing Vacation Sex

    November 06, 2019

    3 Toys for Amazing Vacation Sex

    3 Toys for Amazing Vacation Sex

    If you’re planning a romantic vacation with your partner, don’t forget to pack your sex toy! From fantasy surprises to intimate fun times, here are three amazing sex toys that are sure to elevate your sex life while on holiday.

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    Fun and enjoyable for both party’s (who doesn’t love a bit of vibration!?), and extremely inconspicuous. A vibrating cock ring is easy to pack, easy to use and the perfect vacation sex toy for both of you to enjoy. Not only that, this collection is for couples. So with it comes an elegant silicone vibrator for both of you.


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    With many small and inconspicuous styles of vibrators now available in Australia, it’s a great holiday accompaniment. Both parties can enjoy the vibrations and they’re a great, classic good time. Perfect for adding a new level to your vacation sex. Plus, there are some great vibrators available that just need replaceable batteries, which means you don’t have to worry about charging if going overseas.


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    A vacation can be a great opportunity to surprise your partner with… something a little new. This could mean some bondage fetish wear, such as an eye mask or cleavage harness. Or, it could mean a new toy neither of you has tried yet, like handcuffs. A vacation is a great time to explore each other’s senses and try new


    Whatever sex toy you choose, from classic vibrator fun through to something a little kinkier, La Vie Sexuelle is sure to have it. From his and her sex toys to the couple’s sex toys and more, we have a vast collection of luxury sex toys to help make your vacation unforgettable. Shop with privacy and enjoy the vast and luxurious options!


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