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    23 of The Sexiest Scents (According to Science) That Will Drive Your Partner C-R-A-Z-Y!

    August 19, 2019 4 Comments

    23 of The Sexiest Scents (According to Science) That Will Drive Your Partner C-R-A-Z-Y!

    According to scientists, you can be attracted to someone based on how they smell. That’s right, someone can smell sexy. The part of our brain that interprets smell is also where our emotions are processed. Combine this with the human sense of smell being 10,000 times more sensitive than any other sense, and you have yourself a compelling combination… 

    There are – according to a new science – certain scents that are sexier than others, and when you smell them they can make you feel excited and aroused. Here are the specific scents that are proven to get you in the mood. 

    1. Rose

     Roses contain a chemical called phenethylamine which contains amino acids. These amino acids break down the hormones that create happiness, helping people to remain happier for longer and instilling the feeling of love. Sexy right? Try our collection of massage oils to find the perfect scent to set the mood and give a sensual massage to maximise the aroma. 

    1. Vanilla

     Probably one of the most popular of scents; who doesn’t love vanilla? This sweet aroma contains the chemical heliotropin, which science has proven to be appealing to both men and women. Try the Vanilla and Chai massage oil by Intimate Earth with your partner to not only soothe their skin and help them relax but also to get those sexy feelings ignited. Vanilla has a comforting, sedative effect, causing people to feel relaxed and loved up. 

    1. Citrus

     Lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges can help boost your mood, give you more energy and make you feel more alert. So, if you’re looking to go all night then you are definitely going to want to try the Awake Massage Oil by Intimate Earth. This special blend contains black pepper and grapefruit, which can make you feel fruity and give you the energy you need. A Japanese study found that smelling citrus for 10 minutes helped to boost peoples moods for up to 30 minutes. 

    1. Mint

     A minty fresh smell can be seriously sexy as it is invigorating as well as gives you feelings of excitement. Experiment with our selection of sexy essentials to add some minty freshness to your foreplay. Not only can it be tasty, but don’t forget all those feelings of excitement will be elevated! Mint isn’t a scent you immediately associate with sexiness, but science doesn’t lie. If you’re ready to get your mint on, give Intimate Earth’s Intense Clitoral Gel a try, it contains a high concentration of natural Japanese peppermint oil. 

    1. Chocolate 

    If you can’t get enough of chocolate, you’ll be happy to hear science has a reason for that. Chocolate contains phenethylamine, the same chemical found in roses, which creates feelings of love and happiness. The smell of chocolate alone is enough to brighten your mood, but when eaten the response is even more powerful. To stimulate and awaken your taste buds try the chocolate flavoured On Arousal Oil. This sexy arousal oil is as delicious as it is powerful. Chocolate was the love tonic of Montezuma who drank around fifty cups a day before visiting his harem of six hundred women. If it’s good for Montezuma, it’s good for us. 

    1. Lavender 

    We realise that the scent of lavender may make you think of your grandma’s washroom, but when you incorporate it into a scent it can have a seriously sexy allure. Known as the ‘herb of love’, lavender has been used to entice men for centuries. Loge before the time of bottled fragrances, lavender would be rubbed over women’s clothes to give off the sensual scent. Plus, studies have shown that the scent of lavender can increase penile blood flow by five per cent! The most powerful concoction of them all was proven to be lavender mixed with pumpkin pie, which increased penile blood flow by up to 40 per cent! It also enriched female sensitivity, so it’s the perfect scent to help you feel extra saucy. 

    1. Ylang-Ylang

     This tropical flower is rumoured to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, as it energised both men and women. Applying ylang-ylang oil to the skin helps to promote relaxation, lower high blood pressure and increase sexual desire by increasing skin temperature! These unique star-shaped flowers can also be used to support healthy hair and skin while simultaneously providing a calming effect promoting a positive outlook. Talk about a win-win-win! 

    1. Jasmine

     Jasmine has a long history of being used to arouse men. Traditionally, it has been used as a holistic method to combat the lack of libido and impotence. So basically, its exceptional potent. Many people swear by the power of jasmine, saying that it’s magic at helping men reach satisfaction in bed. The suggested remedy is to massage the male organ with a mix of jasmine and asafoetida just before intercourse to get better erections. 

    1. Wood

     The woody aroma of scents like sandalwood, cedar and peppercorn are also reported to stimulate men as they have the power to heighten your sensual chakras. Most notably, the sweet exotic scent of sandalwood enhances emotions in men while having a calming effect. Research also found that the sandalwood scent increased alertness. So, it can keel you calm and attentive! 

    1. Leather

     Similar to woody scents, leather is also reported to stimulate men as it has the power to heighten your sensual chakras. This is a particularly good scent to use if your man wants something a little less floral and citrusy. It comforts and excites at the same time, being so primitive, so natural and so sensual. The scent of leather lies in the midline between masculine and feminine tones. Historically, leather is one of the earliest notes in perfumery. The first officially documented leather scent was worn by King George III. Variations of leather fragrances are endless, but their essence is always recognisable. It contains something that attracts people, not only as a scent but as a notion which at different times and in different cultures meant both diverse and the same things – freedom, prestige, power and sensuality. 

    1. Violet

     Scientifically known as ‘viola odorate’, the scent of violet is famous for its generous, lingering presence. Melodious and flirtatious, the violet flower alone is known for evoking a sense of fantasy. A favourite of Queen Victoria, violet has long had an association with vintage perfumes. 

    1. Cardamom

     Cardamom has the distinction of being one of the ancient spices. It is native to southern India. Since ancient Egypt, cardamom has been used as a breath freshener and tooth cleaner, a perfume, spice and an aphrodisiac. It is a stimulate and carminative, cardamom is celebrated for its pungent, warm and aromatic qualities. Like a new lover, it distracts your mind and its perfume seduces your senses from all reason. After you’ve had it, you remember it. You begin to crave it and it becomes addictive, like a powerful infatuation. 

    1. Apple Blossom

     The apple blossom shines in colours from white to light pink and red, the apple tree belongs to the family of roses. With a fresh and floral scent, apple blossom is reminiscent of violet and lily of the valley. Not your typical apple scent. Its smell peps up the body and the soul and awakens your spirits refreshingly. It pairs exceptionally well with rose, jasmine, vanilla and woodsy scents for a truly intoxicating duo. 

    1. Sea Salt

     Salty perfumes are sexy and intimate and a really great alternative for anyone looking for something a little less sweet and unique. This sexy scent will catch you by surprise, it’s unexpected and unbelievable smelling. Salt brings a new layer of raw sensuality, the simplicity of it is very appealing and a new way to express sexuality. 

    1. Pumpkin

     More specifically, the smell of pumpkin pie has been shown to increase penile blood flow in men. While it may not be feasible to whip up a pumpkin pie before your next sexy date, you can substitute the real thing with a pumpkin flavoured massage oil, lubricant or by burning a pumpkin-scented candle. We guarantee this spicy scent will pump up your guy’s appetite for sex. 

    1. Cinnamon

     Scientists have compared the effect of cinnamon on women with depression and sexual dysfunction, and the results are that it significantly improves scores of sexual dysfunction and depression. So next time you’re ready to get sexy, skip the antidepressants and pop a cinnamon-flavoured mint instead. If you really want to get freaky and let loose, give a cinnamon flavoured throat relaxer a taste (Sensuva Deeply Love You Throat Relaxer). 

    1. Cucumber

     Yes, you read that right. The smell of cucumber has been known to get women in the mood. In a study that measured women’s arousal when they smelled certain scents, blood flow to the vaginal area was strongest after smelling cucumbers. An easy trick: cucumber water. For the more intimate scent, we recommend getting your hands (or body) on some cucumber flavoured massage oil, erotic candles or lip balm. The smell is guaranteed to jump-start your foreplay, letting you get to all the good parts faster. 

    1. Black Liquorice

     Similar to the smell of cucumbers, black liquorice has been proven to increase blood flow to a woman’s vaginal area more so than any other scent. What does this mean? Well, let’s just say, next valentine’s day we recommend ditching that costly perfume and swapping it for some good old-fashioned black liquorice. Your scent receptors will thank you and we think your big ‘o’ will be happy you did. 

    1. Lily of the Valley

     Scientists have gone so far as to suggest that applying a substance derived from lilies of the valley in a salve to the vagina area could raise the chance of conceiving. This is because they claim that human sperm is able to literally smell the distinctive fragrance of the lily of the valley. Or more accurately, sperm can detect the chemical bourgeonal, the main element responsible for the flower’s scent. So, if you’re looking to add a little baby making to your sexy time, then lily of the valley is your scent of choice. 

    1. Frankincense

     A popular scent all throughout history, but don’t let the religious associations of this smell ‘turn you off’. The reason it was used in religious rituals since the dawn of civilisation is because of its immensely powerful effect on the mind, body and soul. In ancient Egypt, frankincense was burned at dawn to worship the sun god Rah. Although not your typical aphrodisiac, it works on a deeper level of our mind by relaxing and allowing you to connect with your inner self. 

    1. Ginger

     Ginger is mentioned as an aphrodisiac in the Kama Sutra. It both nourishes skin and improves blood circulation. This spicy and warm aroma increases perspiration, which leads to heightened chemicals that promotes sexual attraction. In traditional Eastern medicine, it is beloved for its ability to improve circulation to hands, feet and, of course, throbbing loins. 

    1. Saffron

     Saffron is native to Southwest Asia and one of the most expensive spices by weight. Derived from the Crocus sativus flower, it is often used as an alternative remedy to treat depression, reduce stress and enhance mood. It is popular for its potent aphrodisiac properties, especially in individuals taking antidepressants. In women, it has been known to increase arousal and lubrication. In men, it improves erectile function. 

    1. Coffee

     There is a sexier side to your normal caffeine fix. It’s actually an aphrodisiac! It’s stamina-enhancing ability is well known among certain cultures. Coffee excites not just the body, but also the mind and can elevate mood (and elevate other things…). Studies have demonstrated that this stimulant can increase levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with the pleasure system of the brain. And, you don’t even have to drink it to get some of the benefits. Just smelling this sexy scent has been known to heighten pleasure.


    Whether you want to feel aroused, excited or sensual, science has spoken and these scents can help you get there. Sexy scents are bound to get you and your partner in the mood… pair it with some sexy lingerie or some adventurous toys and you’ll be on your way to a night you’ll never forget! Using the scents you love can boost your confidence in and out of the bedroom, making you all the more attractive.

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